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MEssage of ministry

In The Kingdom of God Ministries

Is asking God's people for a helping hand, bringing the word of our Lord to the orphan children all around the world.  There are many orphanages that are in great need of Bibles for their studies of God's word.

Here at In The Kingdom of God Ministries    so that the children along with their pastors, can study God's word at its fullest. Buying the Bibles at a bulk rate and having it delivered to the orphanages that are located in India, Pakistan, Uganda, Ghana and the list just continues to write itself on and on.

When these orphanages finally get their shipment of the Bibles, the pastors will give a video of all of the children that are receiving their own individual Bible and watch the expression in their face, as they give their appreciative thanks to all those that have contributed in making it possible for the orphans to get there Bibles.

Let's believe in the power of giving the word of God to change the life completely of an orphan child, by giving them one of their very own.  Your donation of $80 will help buy a box of 24 Bibles (KJV) and the shipping cost to send it.  Let's help all the pastors keep the love of our Lord strong and believe in the most greatest miracle that we can ever see, an orphan child receiving for the very first time a King James version Bible.

Soon there will be a video of all the children giving thanks to those donations that help make it possible to achieve this goal, but we can't do this on our very own, we need your help.

Once the purchase has been made, on the Facebook page of In The Kingdom of God Ministries, there will be posted a picture of the purchase that has been made, giving thanks to all of the individuals that has contributed to all of the achievements that was made possible for all of the orphan children worldwide.  

There are many things we can learn through God's message, that we may broaden our minds, to bring the power of God's salvation plan, into the lives of those that need Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior.

Donation for Bibles

$ 25 USD

Here you can help In The Kingdom of God Ministries, help give a newly converted, an orphan child, a church organization. Satisfying the need to give a Bible, that people can get to know the wonderful knowledge that the Lord has placed in the Bible.