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Let's Help The Kingdom of God

Deuteronomy 15: 10 

10 You should be happy to give the poor what they need, because then the Lord will make you successful in everything you do.

Welcome to

In The Kingdom of God Ministries

Here at In The Kingdom of God Ministries, our goal is to bring awareness to all of God’s people that are unaware of the poverties conditions that are in this world. We are in the process of gathering information of all food banks that are across the globe, with the intent to go out and preach to the poor, heal the sick, bring food and water to them with God’s grace of bringing them to salvation.  Though our task is hard and we will face a lot of challenges, our goal is to seek the poor, bring them to a place where they can sit down, not only to be fed food, but to preach the Gospel of the Lord, as it should.

Throughout the process of our venture we will be pitching the tents that are going to be used for setting up chairs and tables, to help feed the poor, with the help of all Evangelists that will thrive to preach the Gospel of the Lord to them, with the conviction that they give their souls to our Lord Jesus Christ that died on the cross for our sins and sufferings.  Our tent crusades will be planned with different pastors that has the same passion that Jesus did to go out into the streets and preach to the lost souls that are out there.

There is a strong need for Evangelists, now more than ever and ITKOGM wants to meet all of them in a group, so that we can coordinate and plan, how we are going to represent the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to all of the lost souls that are still without Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Together we will bring God’s salvation plan to all those that are walking in the streets, some too busy and most of them don’t have a clue that there is a loving and caring God that still saves lives and forgives sin. We need to bring awareness that there are people out there, concerned about what to eat, what they will wear and whether or not they are going to have their voices heard.

In The Kingdom of God Ministries, is in need of several food banks in your area that will serve as a resource bank to help with our tent crusades, throughout our task of going into different neighborhoods all around the United States and even the world, but we need your help in gathering information that is very much needed, to help coordinate with our task to preach the Gospel with Evangelists eager to help bring the plan of salvation into a world that is in need of change and that will help save one life at a time for our Lord Jesus Christ. Down below is a form that has been created to get the information that we need in order to coordinate with the food banks in your area.

Our goal hear at ITKOGM is to meet with you and carry out God’s great plan, to bring the plan of salvation and show the world how God has not forgotten about them, that he still loves and cares for them and with the resources we will go with the information of how God’s people are still living in the streets, some that are living underneath bridges, some that are living in abandoned houses, the list can be written as our venture to preach the Gospel keeps with God’s everlasting live and fire in our hearts. Please help us by giving the much needed information required below and we will hope to see you in our task to preach the Gospel like never before. God bless you.

Food Bank Resource Information

Fill out my online form.
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You will get to meet the Apostle in one of the video conference to establish and coordinate with all of the church leaders that will help with the task of bringing food to those that are in need. 

The conversations will consist of gathering information of the different areas that are considered a haven for the poor that are living in the streets, so that In The Kingdom of God Ministries, can go out and interview all of those that are living in poverty conditions.  

This information is very much needed and will help with our task to bring documentary and awareness of all those that are struggling to make ends meet. This information will be provided to God's people, to let them know how there are still people that are living in much worse conditions than themselves so that awareness can be made. 

There is power brought to those that are made aware and we will continue with our census of the poor and meet the necessary requirements needed to have our churches see what work is still needed to get done.